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Bringing the best of water resources through nature base solution for lasting prosperity and resilience.

Challenges of today - Food
- Water
- Health
- Climate Change
The Use of seaweed provide oppertunities to stop these challenges
The Problems of growing seaweed to make this challeges are:

Lack of proper structure to withstand high wave/current
Fragmented farmer
Ineficient / Lack of safety management/Inadequate operation management
Low production/ quality
Unsuitable sites/ coastal
Disease / water contamination

The existing cultivation systems to grow and harvest sea weed are not environmentally and economically sustainable. Seaweed, however, can be used in a lot of applications like food, plastics and pharmaceuticals. This requires large-scale production of seaweed, which is currently impossible.


Seaweed find application in many areas like food, energy, pharmacy, cleaning of water, plastics and sinking of carbon, etc. This requires large scale production of seaweed. SeaNexus is developing an integrated seafarming system to boost productivity, coastal resilience, animal needs, efficience use of water resources, marine bio-remediation and climate mitigation, alternative income for fisherman in coastal inhabitant and new industry creation for biobased and manufactory industry.

SeaNexus technology was developed based on first based analysis, simulation, mooring and structural analysis, material selection, biological and ecological analysis, holistic risk on reability of analysis. Advanced risk technique that include simulation and hydrodynamic model to derisk thought th whole system life cycle make SeaNexus technology reliable.

SeaNexus worked in collaboration with biologists, engineers, ecologists, ocean governas, seafarmers, marinetime, ecological experts in industries and academic and research institutes to develop technology that provides stable garantee production of seaweed. The construction and resulting production from the systems are very reliable against a lot of conditions, while water stomps ocean waves and currents. The technology that we help to improve organises seafarming.

“A transition to clean air, wanted and energy required making an investment in our future.”