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Bringing the best of water resources through nature base solution for lasting prosperity and resilience.
What does

SeaNexus was established to develop advanced seaweed cultivation technology to support the future supply of macro algae material, feedstock and other biotechnology products and to encourage the protection of our vital water resources, essential for the survival of our beautiful, blue planet.

SeaNexus adapt the vast maritime and offshore industry capability and know-how for the development of aquaculture technology in collaboration with other parties that bring in material, oceanography, Ocean engenering, marine technology ocean governers, maritime economist, ecology and biology knowledge. We aim to meet all the ecological and ocean safety requirements, in our effort to design and manufacture structures that will provide appropriate support for the growth of macroalgae and meet the increasing demand of seaweed raw materials

The technology gap at the beginning of supply chain has a lot of implications and a lot of improvements need to be put in place to counterbalance this situation. Well sized system with good station keeping and suitable sustainable materials are required to be sourced and tested in order to provide appropriate, durable and reliable support to the macroalgae and ensure the desired growth speed.

The main challenges in the implementation of new concept of seaweed farming are the required careful design, testing and prooving of the frames, the correct environmental exploration and the transportation, loading and servicing of the established sites, without disturbing the delicate marine environment.

The development of this type of technology is critical to the ongoing efforts to increase productivity in harvesting the necessary seaweed and additionally providing sustainable livelihoods in the seafarming based communities worldwide and sustainable development goal

The technnology subsequecially provide added value advantageous for cleaner air, purer water in the area of cultivation, coastal protection, brining the fish back, coastal community development as well as the huge benefit of ensuring a constant supply of seaweed based raw material product that is now in increasing demand.

Challenges of today - Food
- Water
- Health
- Climate Change

Lack of proper structure to withstand high wave/current
Fragmented farmer
Ineficient / Lack of safety management/Inadequate operation management
Low production/ quality
Unsuitable sites/ coastal
Disease / water contamination
SeaNexus Utilising the power of the water to build resilient technology to serve the needs of an ever increasing population
SeaNexus develop robust novel, offshore and in and water technology for sustainable seaweed farming. SeaNexus use integrated system approach to enable large scale cultivation of seaweed in open water, without use of ferterliser. The system comes with robust sensorsystems to monitor position and growth of the mass.
The system will

“Islands now already face the problems the world will face in the decades to come.”

The research was developed in collaboration with robust stakeholder partnership that include institution from:

Regulatory bodies

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Join our team on the journey to feed growing world population, build resilient coastal community, and biomaterial for healthy planet
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Water is life, 70 percent of our planet is water, early civilisation are developed are around water resources, the best sustainable way to use water resources to meet suitable development goals is to use to produce nexus of food, energy, transportation, recreation climate, coastal resilient, sustainable materials and marine bioremediation. Farming seaweed is at the centre of providing solution to major world challenges, especially clean energy, food and population. Support effort to help developing technology to help farming that will ensure piece and prosperity for future generation.

“Anyone who can solve the problem of water will be worthy of two Nobel Prizes - one for peace and one for science. ”